Our statement considering some negative publicity about Mr. Mario Ledencan and the TreevestCapital on the internet.

Dear Friends and Business Partners,

We do not usually comment on internet blog-related contents, but nowadays most turn to the internet in order to seek information on potential or existing business partners.
Unfortunately, as we have been made aware of libellous information on our founder and managing partner Mr. Mario Ledencan and the TreevestCapital, we are compelled to address this matter:

  • The only negative publicity about Mr. Mario Ledencan and TreevestCapital on the internet comes from Mr. Astron Susilovic, of the Cayman Island registered firm Global Investment Management (GIM). In 20011 Mr. Susilovic sought cooperation with Mr. Ledencan on capital introductions.

  • One of business focuses of TreevestCapital is to perform due diligence on external managers prior to introducing them to potential investors. Our due diligence immediately revealed serious concerns about operations of Global Investment Management; which were reported in the due diligence findings.

  • The consequences of our own findings were related in an industry September 2001 report by Opalesque:

  • TreevestCapital maintains high level of legal and ethical business practices and employs all its experience and knowledge to contribute to an ethical and transparent financial industry.

  • We give our high priority to these efforts and will continue to do so also in the future to the benefit of all our clients.

  • We would welcome any questions or comments you may have.

Thank you for your support!

Please feel free to contact us if you require any additional information.
Your TreevestCapital Team


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